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I am always happy to go in and voice a cartoon, but the two things that have made me the happiest are that a)  my very first job in animation- and, incidentally, the job that got me my SAG card- was at the old Hanna Barbera Studios on Cahuenga Blvd. before it closed, and b) I later played a villain on “What’s New, Scooby Doo?” and got to say the immortal “You meddling kids!” line.  Guess who’s the diehard Hanna Barbera fan?  Oh, and another thing: I got to pass on regards to Casey Kasem (Shaggy) from my father-in-law.  They used to play together as boys when Casey would visit his Uncle Fred who owned the grocery store in Goodrich, Michigan.  They were rascals and I got to hear of their exploits, each told in their own way!

Here are a few clips:

Here are a few demos:



When I was a kid in the ‘80s, my family put together a Sinclair ZX81 computer from a kit and played the Pong out of it.  I can’t even get my head around how cool games are now… nor that I get to be in them!  Sometimes they are Game of the Year (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim), sometimes they already have a staggering following (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and sometimes they are simply awarded new and loyal devotees (Haunting Ground).  It’s all fine by me! 

Following are some clips from a couple of games I’ve voiced, courtesy of Youtube posters.

Here is where we first meet Karliah in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Here is a clip of me in Star Wars Old Republic as Elara Dorne.  Incidentally, this is exactly what I look like at the beach.

And here is all of Elara Dorne’s story where she is more modestly attired!

Here is Dr. Vahlen from XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Here is Daniella from Haunting Ground.  She freaks me out quite honestly.

Here is Adriana Livingston, embedded reporter, in Mercenaries:

4 thoughts on “Animation & Games

  1. Hi Moira, I am a big fan of your voice over work, however my Swedish friend Nini is jealous of you because, when we are playing Star Wars the Old Republic together I insist that she is absolutely quiet when Elara Dorne is talking so I can hear lol

  2. I see I was already beaten to the general sentiment of my comment, but loved your work with Elara – she’s one of my favorite Bioware/game characters was a huge part of it.

    • *and your voice acting was a huge part of it. A good deal more successful than my typing, I’m afraid.

  3. I do not speak english, but I have to say it, thanks for Dr Vahlen. This is amazing.

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