For most of the ‘90s, I hosted Nickelodeon’s GUTS with Mike O’ MalleyIt was a really popular show, and I have to say I still get a lot of love from fans of the show who have now grown up into lovely young-adult type people.  I then toured around doing theatre and settled in LA where I got my SAG card, my fair share of pilots that didn’t get picked up and recurring guest spots that didn’t recur.  Then I found voiceover.  All the acting, less of the grooming!  That said, I really did enjoy returning to on-camera for “Dirty Work.”  Loved the cast!  Loved the crew!  Loved that it was the first ‘new media’ series that won an Emmy!  How cool is that?

Click here to watch Dirty Work episodes with Mary Lynn Rajskub, Hank Harris, Jamie Clayton, Matt Jones and Moira Quirk.

And here’s a silly Dirty Work extra.

Here is a bit of me with Mike O’Malley (Yes Dear, Glee).

And here is another web series:  “Pretty: the Series,” an extraordinarily silly spoof of soap operas and pageants.  And it’s won its own fair share of awards!

Lastly here is a bit of me on Hyperion Bay written by Pretty Little Liars scribe Joseph Dougherty








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