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Moira Quirk is a Los Angeles-based Limey Voice Over Artist (LVOA). She is a multi-award winning and much sought after audiobook narrator; she voices favorite characters in a range of blockbuster video games; voices characters in cartoons for all ages; is a regular in classic and contemporary audio drama made for the BBC and LA Theatre Works, and millienials will have been entertained by her during her years on the Nickelodeon Channel as Mo the Referee and co-host on all 162 episodes of Nickelodeon Guts and Global Guts.

Whether it is a witch who is mad for horticulture or an Imperial-born defector who is mad for paperwork, another witch who can only access her powers when drunk, a school bully, Scottish blacksmith, dark elf, thief, mad scientist, cyborg-thingie, Jedi Knight, town busybody, ace reporter or BBC-style newscaster (tons of those!), Restoration comedy ingenue, lesbian necromancer, aged twin sisters or your everyday oracle, Moira gives her characters authenticity and life and humor- or a lack thereof- either in her own top notch studio or in the many studios with fancy espresso machines and impressive arrays of tea bags across Los Angeles.



Notable video game characters include: Karliah in SKYRIM; the Emissary of the Nine and the Exo Stranger in DESTINY 2; Mirabel Garlick in HOGWARTS LEGACY; Daniella in HAUNTING GROUND; Dr. Vahlen in XCOM2; and Elara Dorne and Aryn Leneer in STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC. Moira's voice appears as a tickle in your headphones playing all sorts of other characters in all sorts of other games, most likely listed on IMDB


Moira’s first animated role was Jane Bonded in JOHNNY BRAVO recorded at the iconic Hanna Barbera building in Hollywood. Since then she has worked with Nicktoons, Disney, Aardman Animation, Klasky Csupo, Dreamworks, Frederator, WB, Paramount, Cartoon Network, Bento Box, Apple TV and Netflix, and even played her animated self as MO when SANJAY AND CRAIG participated in NICKELODEON GUTS which she co-hosted for 162 episodes in the ’90s. The name of her younger daughter was decided at a recording of WHAT’S NEW, SCOOBY DOO? and she also got to say “you meddling kids,” so, yeah, animation is pretty great.


She has a voice with such flexibility. I love the quality of it, but she can use it in so many different capacities and give you shade upon shade.

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Moira Quirk narrates a lot of fantasy and having her narrate something like this, it’s just money in the bank. This is where she lives.

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With a degree in English Literature and Drama, a flair for accents and characters, and a love of small, dark rooms it would have been improbable for Moira not to end up narrating audiobooks.
She has brought the worlds of THE LOCKED TOMB series by Tamsyn Muir, THE FINISHING SCHOOL series by Gail Carriger, THE WAR ETERNAL series by Rob J. Hayes, and numerous YA, fantasy, mystery, nonfiction and romance titles to vibrant life. She is the recipient of AUDIE, EARPHONE, AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION and AUDIBLE awards and accolades. 

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